Artist and Producer Statement

As an Artist I investigate, explore and create performance pieces within the topics of gender, identity and body politics; I use as a source for my projects an autobiographical approach. My exploration travels through the limits of Physical Theatre, Live Art, Body Art, Installation and Multimedia Art. My experience as performer starts in 2002, but I have been creating Live Art projects since 2009.

I have had eight years of professional producing experience, and for the last five years my interest has focused on Live Art and Experimental Theatre.  
During 2007-10 I helped to create and run el galpon espacio, a major multi-disciplinary centre for performance / live art centre in Lima, Peru. 
I moved to London in 2010 and I have expanded my experience by working with key organizations in the Live Art scene.  In Jan 2013, I produced and curated my first Live-Art event - GATE F - in Stoke Newington International Airport. 

As a Producer, since 2010, I've done several internships in London: the organizations I've worked at include Chelsea Theatre, New Work Network, The Relationship, Imperial War Museum, Bill Aitchison Company and ]Performance s p a c e[. Throughout these internships I've been developing my skills as Marketing and Administration Manager Assistant, Production Assistant, Tour Booker, Programming and Festival Organization.

My past experience in Peru include producing several Theatre Festivals and Art Events, Theatre Plays, Workshops and Performance Art projects.

BA. ‘Performing Arts’ at PUCP, Lima, Peru (2008). MA ‘Contemporary Performance Making’ at Brunel University, London, UK (2011) ans MA 'Creative Producing' at Birkbeck University of London, UK (2013).